Mookie Dive, Kershaw at bat: 2 down, 17 to go vs Padres

Clayton Kershaw helped himself cement the W with an at bat for the ages. At the end of the game he said “there was no way I was going to hit off Darvish. I was just trying to be a pest.” And what an at bat it was with bases loaded Kershaw got the walkContinue reading “Mookie Dive, Kershaw at bat: 2 down, 17 to go vs Padres”

Padres Making a Push in the NL West

There is no doubt that the San Diego Padres have become formidable playoff contenders with the addition of Yu Darvish and Blake Snell to the starting pitching rotation. However, let’s be honest. If 2020 would have not had that extra playoff spot and if the season had been 162 games, the Padres would not haveContinue reading “Padres Making a Push in the NL West”