Bullpen Leaders since 2014 and Pedro Baez’s Role

I heard about the signing of Corey Knebel for 5.2 Million and it was a bit unmoving in many ways. A quick view of the stats and I will say that we got a decent deal on a “promising project”, however, it is unmoving because there are a few Dodgers in the market available withContinue reading “Bullpen Leaders since 2014 and Pedro Baez’s Role”

Keeping Kike

Here is a strong case I will make for keeping Kike Hernandez. Kike was due 5.9 Million in 2020 but of course the pandemic slashed his salary due to the lower amount of games played. Looking at comparisons Kike should be making somewhere between 6 and 9 million per year.  Lets take the high number.Continue reading “Keeping Kike”