Dodgers Drop the 3rd Game Vs. Padres ln a Bauer Gem

Once again Trevor Bauer had a strong outing to kick off the rivalry for 2021. Machado got the best of him by getting 2 hits off of him and later got another laser shot in the 5/6 hole. The Dodgers fell short but they walked away with winning 2 out of 3 and stretching theirContinue reading “Dodgers Drop the 3rd Game Vs. Padres ln a Bauer Gem”

Cal Ripken Jr., A-Rod, Chipper Jones, Miguel Cabrera and Corey Seager

Our third base solution might come from within our ranks. We have a solid player in Corey Seager and perhaps Corey will make a better third baseman for the Dodgers than he makes as a shortstop. I know how upset this might sound for Corey Seager fans but I will argue that he might beContinue reading “Cal Ripken Jr., A-Rod, Chipper Jones, Miguel Cabrera and Corey Seager”

Bullpen Leaders since 2014 and Pedro Baez’s Role

I heard about the signing of Corey Knebel for 5.2 Million and it was a bit unmoving in many ways. A quick view of the stats and I will say that we got a decent deal on a “promising project”, however, it is unmoving because there are a few Dodgers in the market available withContinue reading “Bullpen Leaders since 2014 and Pedro Baez’s Role”

Utility is Gold, All in with Taylor

One of the things that has made the Dodgers such a competitive team these past couple of years has been their depth. They have made some moves over the past couple of years that have helped to put the current team where they are. Whether it was a breakout year from Muncy, Taylor or aContinue reading “Utility is Gold, All in with Taylor”

Broken Records on Dodgers’ World Series Merchandise

As a gambling man, I am willing to bet that by March of 2021, the Dodgers would have shattered all records on sales for merchandise in one season. Led by a fan frenzy. Fans have been buying everything in sight. When it is all said and done, the Dodgers would have made more money thanContinue reading “Broken Records on Dodgers’ World Series Merchandise”

Bo Jackson vs Yasiel Puig comparison after 7 years

Yasiel Knows Baseball: Puig is a better version of Bo and it is not even close. Watch this video of Puig in his 2013 rookie season where he had about 15 defensive web gems in one year. Bo did not have 15 defensive web gems in 8 years with the Royals, White Sox and Angels.Continue reading “Bo Jackson vs Yasiel Puig comparison after 7 years”

Keeping Kike

Here is a strong case I will make for keeping Kike Hernandez. Kike was due 5.9 Million in 2020 but of course the pandemic slashed his salary due to the lower amount of games played. Looking at comparisons Kike should be making somewhere between 6 and 9 million per year.  Lets take the high number.Continue reading “Keeping Kike”

The 3 Amigos

What to do with Kike, JT, and Joc? It is no mystery that 3 of the key pieces to the Dodgers World Series Championship team are now unrestricted free agents and are looking to increase their yearly income. The Dodger front office has to sit down and analyze all of their wants and needs toContinue reading “The 3 Amigos”

There is Joy in Mudville

I will keep the intro brief. Below I have broken down Charlie Steiner’s call to end game 6 of the 2020 World Series line by line and discussed those particular lines in depth and how that line was interpreted. It is pretty self explanatory but I just thought I would have some fun with this.Continue reading “There is Joy in Mudville”

The Nolan Arenado Blockbuster Trade

Here is an idea that I would like considered. I promise that it makes sense. Will Dodger fans be happy? Probably not. But keep in mind that this is just a hypothetical theory as I see it in my crystal ball. It means nothing other than me just having fun with some numbers that makeContinue reading “The Nolan Arenado Blockbuster Trade”