Ken Rosenthal wants to trade away Seager?

Ken Rosenthal’s latest idea in trading Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story for Corey Seager and Joe Kelly is a horrible idea. Unless of course he is friends with Scott Boras or Corey Seager and knows something that we do not know. He is known as a  “baseball insider” so he might have some inside scoop.Continue reading “Ken Rosenthal wants to trade away Seager?”

Current Dodgers and Former Dodgers cracking the All-MLB Team

Dodgers in the All-MLB Team The All-MLB Team has been voted on and it was nice to see a long list of current and former Dodgers make the list. It goes to show the depth of the Dodgers’ organization. Here is a short read on which current and former Dodgers made the list. First TeamContinue reading “Current Dodgers and Former Dodgers cracking the All-MLB Team”

Current Opening Day Dodger Line up for 2021 and Their Cars

This is our current Dodger Lineup as it stands for Opening Day in 2021. These are the cars I imagine them to be driving to Chavez Ravine each and every day. If you could assign a vehicle to your favorite Dodger, what would it be? Let me start by saying that this a Friday NightContinue reading “Current Opening Day Dodger Line up for 2021 and Their Cars”