Bauer vs Puig: The Gauntlet has Been Thrown

A friendly challenge has been issued by Trevor Bauer and our buddy Yasiel Puig. What is the challenge? Trevor has challenged him to a “Throw Off”. Puig, not one to back away has accepted the challenge with a “tell me when and where.” The two crossed paths a few years back as Puig was tradedContinue reading “Bauer vs Puig: The Gauntlet has Been Thrown”

2020 Capital 1 Premier MLB Plays of the Year

Last night I watched the “2020 Capital 1 Premier Plays of the Year” and I was pleased to see a ton of Dodger plays listed on this countdown. In year’s past, the Dodgers have been forgotten or snubbed in these top lists but this year I was happy to see a high volume of DodgerContinue reading “2020 Capital 1 Premier MLB Plays of the Year”

The 3 Amigos

What to do with Kike, JT, and Joc? It is no mystery that 3 of the key pieces to the Dodgers World Series Championship team are now unrestricted free agents and are looking to increase their yearly income. The Dodger front office has to sit down and analyze all of their wants and needs toContinue reading “The 3 Amigos”