Current Opening Day Dodger Line up for 2021 and Their Cars

This is our current Dodger Lineup as it stands for Opening Day in 2021. These are the cars I imagine them to be driving to Chavez Ravine each and every day. If you could assign a vehicle to your favorite Dodger, what would it be? Let me start by saying that this a Friday NightContinue reading “Current Opening Day Dodger Line up for 2021 and Their Cars”

Broken Records on Dodgers’ World Series Merchandise

As a gambling man, I am willing to bet that by March of 2021, the Dodgers would have shattered all records on sales for merchandise in one season. Led by a fan frenzy. Fans have been buying everything in sight. When it is all said and done, the Dodgers would have made more money thanContinue reading “Broken Records on Dodgers’ World Series Merchandise”

The Opt-Out Clause that Kills the Arenado Deal

Also in this article: Dodger Frugality, Dodger Revenue, Jack Mills On November 12th, I wrote an article about a trade idea for Nolan Arenado, in exchange for dumping the salaries of Kenley Jensen, AJ Pollock, and Edwin Rios. The numbers basically showed the Dodgers getting Nolan’s contract for 199M, in exchange for dumping roughly 50.5MContinue reading “The Opt-Out Clause that Kills the Arenado Deal”

Vote Gil Hodges into the Hall of Fame

Where are the writers from Los Angeles, Brooklyn and New York? Writers need to begin the campaign to get more votes for Gil Hodges in the Fall of 2021 from the Veteran’ Committee. To get elected into the Hall of Fame by the Veteran’s Committee, a player must earn a total of 12 out ofContinue reading “Vote Gil Hodges into the Hall of Fame”

Bo Jackson vs Yasiel Puig comparison after 7 years

Yasiel Knows Baseball: Puig is a better version of Bo and it is not even close. Watch this video of Puig in his 2013 rookie season where he had about 15 defensive web gems in one year. Bo did not have 15 defensive web gems in 8 years with the Royals, White Sox and Angels.Continue reading “Bo Jackson vs Yasiel Puig comparison after 7 years”

Keeping Kike

Here is a strong case I will make for keeping Kike Hernandez. Kike was due 5.9 Million in 2020 but of course the pandemic slashed his salary due to the lower amount of games played. Looking at comparisons Kike should be making somewhere between 6 and 9 million per year.  Lets take the high number.Continue reading “Keeping Kike”

Bauer vs Puig: The Gauntlet has Been Thrown

A friendly challenge has been issued by Trevor Bauer and our buddy Yasiel Puig. What is the challenge? Trevor has challenged him to a “Throw Off”. Puig, not one to back away has accepted the challenge with a “tell me when and where.” The two crossed paths a few years back as Puig was tradedContinue reading “Bauer vs Puig: The Gauntlet has Been Thrown”

2020 Capital 1 Premier MLB Plays of the Year

Last night I watched the “2020 Capital 1 Premier Plays of the Year” and I was pleased to see a ton of Dodger plays listed on this countdown. In year’s past, the Dodgers have been forgotten or snubbed in these top lists but this year I was happy to see a high volume of DodgerContinue reading “2020 Capital 1 Premier MLB Plays of the Year”