Ken Rosenthal wants to trade away Seager?

Ken Rosenthal’s latest idea in trading Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story for Corey Seager and Joe Kelly is a horrible idea. Unless of course he is friends with Scott Boras or Corey Seager and knows something that we do not know. He is known as a  “baseball insider” so he might have some inside scoop.Continue reading “Ken Rosenthal wants to trade away Seager?”

Dodger 2020 Holiday Festival Celebrating the Champs

If you have not had a chance to attend the Dodger Holiday Festival you may want to read this. I will very briefly tell you what it is and what it is not without spoiling the whole thing for you. What is it? It is a great excuse to get in your car with yourContinue reading “Dodger 2020 Holiday Festival Celebrating the Champs”

Dodgers Bring Back Some old Friends.

Along with Corey Knebel, the Dodgers have gone after several low risk-high reward guys. Yesterday it was announced that they had picked up several players to minor league contracts. That includes 2017 bullpen star Brandon Morrow, former Dodger pitcher Brock Stewart, Jimmy Nelson, and James Pazos. The Dodgers have gone after “projects” who they areContinue reading “Dodgers Bring Back Some old Friends.”

Current Dodgers and Former Dodgers cracking the All-MLB Team

Dodgers in the All-MLB Team The All-MLB Team has been voted on and it was nice to see a long list of current and former Dodgers make the list. It goes to show the depth of the Dodgers’ organization. Here is a short read on which current and former Dodgers made the list. First TeamContinue reading “Current Dodgers and Former Dodgers cracking the All-MLB Team”

3 Important Women in Dodger Baseball

This article is dedicated to the special contribution made by women in Dodger Baseball. I came up with a list of 3 but I know that there have been hundreds of women over the years that have been a part of the Los Angeles and Brooklyn Dodgers. I went with the following 3: Nancy Bea,Continue reading “3 Important Women in Dodger Baseball”

1971 Dodger Richie “Dick” Allen Passes Away

Former Dodger Dick Allen passes away. Dick Allen played for the Dodgers one year in 1971, but the former 1964 Rookie of the Year, and 1972 AL MVP, had a pretty strong year that year. He played in 155 games, hit a solid .295 batting average, with a .395 OBP. He had 165 hits andContinue reading “1971 Dodger Richie “Dick” Allen Passes Away”

Long Time Dodger Scout, Lon Joyce dies at 72

This week the Dodgers lost one of their long time scouts to Blue Heaven up above. Lon Joyce had been a scout since 1992 and was the scout that signed Corey Seager, Kyle Farmer, Jonathan Broxton, Edwin Jackson and many others. He was MLB’s scout of the year in 2007 and inducted into the Scout’sContinue reading “Long Time Dodger Scout, Lon Joyce dies at 72”

Bullpen Leaders since 2014 and Pedro Baez’s Role

I heard about the signing of Corey Knebel for 5.2 Million and it was a bit unmoving in many ways. A quick view of the stats and I will say that we got a decent deal on a “promising project”, however, it is unmoving because there are a few Dodgers in the market available withContinue reading “Bullpen Leaders since 2014 and Pedro Baez’s Role”

Utility is Gold, All in with Taylor

One of the things that has made the Dodgers such a competitive team these past couple of years has been their depth. They have made some moves over the past couple of years that have helped to put the current team where they are. Whether it was a breakout year from Muncy, Taylor or aContinue reading “Utility is Gold, All in with Taylor”