1 down 18 to go

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What a great game we watched last night between the Dodgers and the Padres. Talk about a playoff environment. If Friday night’s game is any indication of what the next 18 games will be like then sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy some good all around baseball drama. We had game tying RBI’s, strikeouts with men in scoring position, 3 innings of a California Tie Breaker, clutch at bats, home runs and a less celebrated stat….errors. As a Dodger fan I enjoyed how we ended up winning that game in the end, but I must say that I was glued to my sofa all game long. I almost felt bad for the Padres because of that horrific 12th inning. It was as if the we were playing chess all along and they were playing checkers. They went toe to toe with us for 10 rounds but the championship rounds they could not deliver for the victory. What this shows is a Dodger team that has the the grit and experience to stand toe to toe with the best in the west, regardless of what is thrown at them. Maybe I should be a little more humble? Forget that. We are done being humble, We should have 4 World Series titles back to back to back to back is the way that I see it. Astros…cheated, Red Sox…cheated, Nationals…we had them…., and then we finally we broke through against the Rays. 3 titles that should have been. So forget being humble. These Dodgers are not done. They are coming for more.

Hopefully, this win on Friday has taken the heart out of the Padres for tonight’s and tomorrow’s game. We have seen this before. We saw it in 1988 when the A’s lost to the Dodgers in Game 1. After that, the Dodgers came after them. In that same year, the Mets had similar momentum going into the National League Championship series and the Dodgers did the same to them. The beat them up good and the Mets didn’t recover. There are 18 games left here in the season and it is way early to declare victory in the west, but last night’s game could be a game we revisit towards the end of the season when we try to explain, “How the West was won?” It may have happened last night.

It was awesome to see the intensity on both sides. Many people here hate on Manny but I am a big Manny fan. It was great to see him rise to the occasion as a leader. Stealing, one, than 2 bases. And getting to third base while apparently having something wrong with his oblique. The medical staff came out to check on him and he sent them back before getting to second base then third. Then he easily scored on a Hosmer ground ball. He seemed to be bruised and abused when he crossed the plate. It would prove to be insufficient as this only tied the score to send it into extra innings. The Dodgers were not going to let him beat us in the extra innings as they walked him when his opportunity came around to possibly win the game. In one instance Tatis hit a bomb over center field off our Ace Walker Buehler and you would have thought that Tatis was back to his old self. But late in the game with bases loaded, against Santana, he was struck out to end a possibly walk off hit. Tatis also made two key errors that first allowed the Dodgers to get break the tie early, and then again late in the game allowed the Dodgers to get further ahead. Tatis is a stud that only comes around once in a generation. This will not happen again. However, one has to ask themselves if the stint on the IL affected him. Friday was his first day back from the IL. He also turned an easy double play where he threw the ball in the dirt and Hosmer had to save him. What will become of Tatis from here on forward? Will he wake up? Or will he continue to show rust?

One thing is for sure, the Dodgers are deep with the current line up. We can just look at the 1-4 hitters and it is scary. Betts, Seager, Turner, and Smith. Everything they hit is scorched. Turner has to be putting up the best numbers of his career to open up a season. He is tearing it up. He can do no wrong. One more thing, we still have Muncy, Taylor, Mckinstry, and now apparently that kid Luke Raley can hit for power too. Raley hit the hardest hit ball by Dodger in 2021 and watched it sail over the outfield wall. It was a laser. Did you see how far and high it bounced after it landed? It was a shot. Oh and by the way, Cody Bellinger is on the DL. Raley, most likely will get sent to the minors on Belli’s return but who knows? Maybe it will be Beatty who gets sent down if Raley keeps dropping bombs. You could tell he can hit. I was assessing his performing the night before and it seems that Tapia from Colorado robbed him of a HR in LF the previous game against the Rox. Then in another at bat he scorched a liner where the right fielder had to make a sliding catch to rob him. It is too early to tell about the Christmas Tree farmer. But his youth and energy has the power and energy to be infectious and don’t let me get started on Mckinstry. That kid deserves a whole article dedicated to him. I have a few key comparisons that I would like to write about on who he reminds me of. But I will wait on that one. I want to see a little bit more to write the perfect article.

As you can tell I am excited at the confident Dodger team that has been put together. They are playing some top notch baseball. This team will win more than 100 games. Thanks in great part to the awesome pitching rotation that has been put together. Let’s go Dodgers! Let’s see how they do tonight.

Published by Pete Reyes

Dodger Fan since Fernandomania. I am a baseball aficionado and a former baseball coach. I am father of 3 and I am very proud that our Dodgers finally won the World Series. Follow me for some fun Dodger News and Updates.

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