Ken Rosenthal wants to trade away Seager?

Ken Rosenthal’s latest idea in trading Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story for Corey Seager and Joe Kelly is a horrible idea. Unless of course he is friends with Scott Boras or Corey Seager and knows something that we do not know. He is known as a  “baseball insider” so he might have some inside scoop. Mister Rosenthal, you have some explaining to do.

He is a bit late on the Arenado rumor to Los Angeles that has been circulating for about a month. This is not an original idea. I like the Arenado trade idea as I have stated in previous articles, but trading away Corey Seager for Trevor Story and Arendao is not my idea of a good trade. You can go back and check my trade ideas on Nolan Arenado to see how it actually can happen to satisfy both parties without giving up Seager. I do not think it is too crazy of an idea to think that Seager gets traded away on his walk year in return for some solid talent but trading Seager without a valid attempt at keeping him will not be a very popular move. I really hope that the Dodgers and Scott Boras can find a middle ground on Corey Seager’s contract. He and Mookie would be a great 1-2 punch for years to come. I do not think Corey Seager will get Mookie money simply because he has not had the superstar seasons Mookie has had. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the MVP’s in the playoffs because many players have won MVP awards in the past and not received a big contract as a result. Players’ contracts are weighted heavily on how they perform in the regular season so it is very possible that the Dodgers pay him about 8 years for just under 25 million per year. Perhaps that might even be too much. Corey should ask for an opt out after the 3rd year just in case he blows up offensively and wants to then renegotiate a higher contract either here or elsewhere. That is where Corey stands at best. He and Scott Boras can ask for the moon but the fact is that he has not performed at the level of the following players: Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, or Arenado. I am sure the front office has plans to at least try to keep Corey long term. 

Can he be traded though? Sure Corey can be traded. That is fair. But why Rosenthal does not think that the Dodgers would first try to sign Corey long term before exploring a trade for him is a head scratcher. Corey has had a strong start to his career. Thrice he finished with over .300 average but he has not had a 30 HR season, nor a 90 RBI season. I love the guy and he is my favorite position player but if the Dodgers pay him according to his career numbers and not based on his postseason performance he gets far less than Mookie Betts. This means that we should get the “Corey is too unaffordable” idea out of our head because the Dodgers can get Corey between 150-200 million. The Yankees might dish out the money for the steal but it would be overpaying. 8 years 200 million sounds fair. That ties up 25 million per year for him. Corey would be silly not to take that. He will be set for life. You can even make the argument that this might even be too much. Definitely not a starting price point in the negotiations. Mookie has 7 years in the league and 6 times including 2020 he has been an MVP candidate. 1 year he actually won the MVP award. I will not go into the comparison of Trout, Bryce, or even Nolan Arenado who have had elite starts to their careers. By no means am I saying Seager is a scrub. He had a rookie of the year season, 3 seasons with .300 average or better, a 26 home run season, and an epic 2020 playoff run. What I am saying is that Corey will not get or should not get a 300 million contract the way the other guys have. The offensive numbers are just not there. He and Boras can ask for it but I think that he is overpriced at that price range and Dodger fans should not be upset if he walks in search of more money.

I suggest the Dodgers aggressively try for a contract extension with Corey Seager (NOW) that sees Corey in Dodger Blue until 2029 at 200 million. They need to make this effort in good faith this off season and if Corey and Boras are serious about remaining Dodgers through the next decade, they should take it. If terms are not agreed upon, well then Corey should definitely become trade bait this off season and then Ken Rosenthal’s suggestion can be a good idea. But as it stands now, I do not like his trade idea. I feel we should be able to land Arenado without giving up Corey. Keep in mind that the key piece in that trade idea is landing Arenado. Trevor Story is a free agent at the end of 2021 just like Corey Seager but the market will have plenty of shortstops after 2021 in free agency. The priority should be extending Corey’s contract before we start putting him into the trade rumor mill.

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