Dodger 2020 Holiday Festival Celebrating the Champs

If you have not had a chance to attend the Dodger Holiday Festival you may want to read this. I will very briefly tell you what it is and what it is not without spoiling the whole thing for you.

These are some pictures I took.

What is it?

It is a great excuse to get in your car with your family and enjoy a festive light show that is highlighted by all the Dodger memories made in this past Championship season. It helps you to relive that wonderful joy Dodger fans from all over felt when they made that last out in Game 6 of the World Series. It is not an easy drive. You have to be prepared to make line for about an hour on the weekday, and a little bit more on the weekend. The spirit is joyful, and you can enjoy the Christmas spirit by tuning in to radio station 90.5 where they will be playing all the holiday hits throughout your 20 minute experience. You are moving at a crawl so you must go with an understanding that you will be waiting in the car for a bit. If you bring your kids, have them bring a device, have them take a nap while you wait in line, and make sure that they use the restroom before you leave your house as their is no access to the public restrooms. The other thing that you can do if you wanted to is bring your own meal. Make some sandwiches and some healthy snacks or pick up some fast food so you can eat while you are waiting in line. The other thing that you can do to is team up with another driver. You drive during the waiting line, and switch for the show, or switch every 20 minutes if you have 3 drivers. It is a bumper to bumper crawl but it is nothing compared to when you visit Mexico and your return with a 2 or sometimes a 4 hour wait. This was nothing like that. One hour, tops, on a Wednesday. I imagine that it will be a bit longer on the weekends. Go with a positive mind and understand that it might be pricey, but tell yourself that you did not spend on a single Dodger game this season. You all know how expensive it can get when you take your whole family to the game: Parking, tickets, food….it adds up. So when you take this into account, this is nothing. Please note that it is more expensive on certain days, and at certain hours. I know the 5:30PM time was priced at 55 dollars, but I went at 8:30pm and I paid $75. Plus taxes for the services fees it was an extra $13. I spent a total of $88. We ate before we left the house. I told my kids to use the restroom before we left the house and luckily this was not an issue, and everyone had a good time. I have to say that the All-Stars for this event were the joyful Dodger Elves. They were in a positive Elfy type of spirit the whole time, with a “Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, a Happy Hanukah, and thank you for coming.” They made the mood very festive. It was as if they employed those workers that you see at Disneyland. They kept the kids engaged. The other thing I will add is that you are to remain in your cars at all times. You can roll your windows down, but if you do, their are signs all over the place saying that if you roll your windows down, please wear a mask to help prevent the spread of Covid.

Some more pictures.

What is it not?

It is not a place to get an autograph from the Dodger players or to meet anyone from the Dodger front office or past players. Vin Scully is not going to be greeting you at the gate with a “It’s Tiiiiiiiiime for Dodger Baseball!” There is also no opportunity to mingle other than with the people in your car. It is not a 1 hour light show. It is a short 20 minute drive from beginning to end. It is not intended for you to get off of your car and take pictures with the decorations, trophies, giant bobbleheads etc… It is not a quick in and out event where you can be back home quickly. It is not a tailgate event intended for people to be drinking. Nor is it an event with major headliners performing music. Nor will there be any concession stands open selling food. I already mentioned, bring your own food if you have not eaten. People will become irritated if they are hungry and they are waiting in that 1 hour long line. It is what it says it is “A Dodgers Holiday Festival” and it is in its infancy. Perhaps this happens again next year, regardless if the Dodgers win the World Series again or not. I am pretty sure it will improve over the years as things tend to improve over time, that is if they did choose to do it again. So try to erase all of these silly expectations out of your head and just think of it as a nice little family getaway to break away from the Covid lockdown monotony. Leave your house with some positive thoughts, turn up the radio station on 90.5, crank up the volume on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and you will have a good time. As I wrote this last line, I pictured myself drinking hot chocolate while we were in that line waiting. Make yourself a hot chocolate, or any hot drink, put it in your Los Angeles Dodgers Travel Mug, and enjoy.

Have a good time. Take lots of pictures from the safety of your car and Happy Holidays from all of our wonderful staff here at Dodger Updates. Okay, so right now it is only me, but I imagine one day, Dodger Updates will be as big as any huge publication company and I imagine I will have my staff dress up as elves, and wish everyone a Jolly Christmas.

To find out more about their schedule, I am adding a link to the website so that you can access the information online.

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