Current Dodgers and Former Dodgers cracking the All-MLB Team

Dodgers in the All-MLB Team

The All-MLB Team has been voted on and it was nice to see a long list of current and former Dodgers make the list. It goes to show the depth of the Dodgers’ organization. Here is a short read on which current and former Dodgers made the list.

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First Team All-MLB Team

The only current Dodger who cracked the starting lineup for the First Team All-MLB Team was Mookie Betts. The outfield looks pretty awesome on the 1st Team All-MLB Team.. It was Mookie at Right Field, Mike Trout from the Angels in Center Field and Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals at Left Field. Mookie Betts put on a display of talent in the shortened season, the playoffs, and the World Series. After watching him play for that first season in Dodger Blue, it is hard to disagree with that 12 year contract he signed. Dodger Town, will be a Mookie Town, all the way into the next decade. If Mookie can play elite baseball for at least 5 of the 12 years, it will have been money well spent because in those 5 years, the Dodgers will be contending not just for a playoff spot, but also for more World Series titles.

Seager going deep in the World Series.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw delivers a pitch against the Mets.

2nd Team All-MLB Team

There were two Dodgers who just fell short of making the First Team All-MLB team. Those 2 players were Corey Seager, and Clayton Kershaw. They got Kershaw right by putting him in the 2nd list because his slider elevated his effectiveness in the regular season and in the playoff run leading into the World Series where he won 2 games. Kershaw was epic which will now be something else to be added to the resume for his Hall of Fame election. Corey lost out on the vote to Fernando Tatis, from the San Diego Padres. Keep in mind though that the Dodgers are not even in the World Series if it was not for Corey Seager. If you add up all the damage he did in the regular season and in the playoffs, Corey Seager can be put up on a pedestal with the all time greatest playoff performances in Dodger History. The amount of damage that he did on the offensive side put away Tatis and the Padres. Perhaps the voters only took into consideration the regular season. That might make more sense. However, this award show was done over a month after the World Series ended so it would seem that the playoff run should have been taken into consideration. NLCS MVP? World Series MVP? Corey would not trade that for the 1st Team All-MLB Team award but there is not a Dodger fan alive who would have voted for anyone else except Seager to represent the shortstop position. They missed on this one. I get it, Tatis, is full of electricity, he is young, and he is a show stopper, but that electricity was turned off once they played the Dodgers in the playoffs. The Dodgers put out their lights and blew out their candles. How did they do in the playoffs against each other? Corey had a total of 4 hits, 3 RBI’s including the go ahead RBI sac fly to left field in game 1. Tatis had a total  of 2 hits in the whole series. Corey got the first 2 RBI’s in the game 2 match up, and also scored 2 key runs. He got 3 hits in this game while Tatis almost hit a home run, almost. Overall, in that series, Corey batted .364 while Tatis batted .182. The numbers during the regular season were pretty much identical. Tatis had 2 more hits, 2 more homeruns, 4 more RBI’s, but Corey Seager had a much better batting average. Corey Seager’s had a .307 average while Tatis hit at .277. Add the 8 home runs Corey Seager hit in the postseason and the MVP awards and the 1st team All-MLB Team is an easy choice. The voters went on the flair of Tatis as opposed to the actual results. Or perhaps the votes were cast prior to the postseason starting.

Former Dodgers that made the First Team All-MLB Team

Perhaps we will keep this paragraph short because of the length of the time that these two players played for the Dodgers. In fact, these 2 players were simply just passing through and finishing up existing contracts and were playoff run pieces intended to help the Dodgers win a World Series. Of course, both did not succeed in getting us the title. Yu Darvish arrived in Los Angeles and the stage was set for him to end the World Series drought in Game 7. We all know how that turned out. Manny Machado arrived from the Baltimore Orioles and put up some pretty good numbers and played defense like Manny Machado knows how. Again, the Dodgers got close but no cigar. Both of these players made it to the First Team All-MLB Team.

Kenta Maeda, and Hyun-Jin Ryu joining Clayton Kershaw in the 2nd team All-MLB Team.

Former Dodgers making the 2nd Team All-MLB Team

It was awesome to see the next 2 guys on the 2nd team list. Hyun-Ji Ryu of the Toronto Blue Jays and Kenta Maeda of the Minnesota Twins. They made the list as pitchers and got to stand in with our very own Clayton Kershaw. It is amazing to see 2 recently removed Dodgers starting pitchers make the list the same year they leave for another club. This shows that the Dodgers have amazing depth. Both of these guys ended up as 2nd and 3rd runner-up Cy Young Award winners in the American League behind Shane Beiber of the Indians. One host said, “This has got to be the first time in the history of baseball where 2 pitchers leave the club and then they go off to both become finalists in the Cy Young Award while the team that they left behind goes off to win the World Series. Talk about depth.

Here is the link to view the All-MLB Team.

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