Betts Must Make the Call to Arenado

This is Mookie Betts’ team. We can argue one way or another but as it stands right now, Mookie is the only Dodger player who is contracted for the next decade. It seems that everyone else is up in the air. Sure, we can assume that Seager, Belli, Buehler and Urias will sign long term contracts with the Dodgers but as it stands right now, that negotiation is not scheduled until sometime in the future. Kershaw will get a contract extension too and most likely finish his career as a Dodger but that won’t be for the next decade. The only one that is set in stone is Mookie Betts. That is why I said that this is Mookie Betts’ team.

Since this is his team, Mookie should make the phone call to Arenado and talk to him as soon as possible. He needs to help him visualize all the playoff runs that await them in the future in Dodger Blue. All the NL West Titles that they will continue to win and possibly more World Series runs. Arenado will be all ears. Here is a call from a former MVP in the AL, the future of the Dodgers, and the one man who could paint a masterpiece for Arenado. What a sales pitch that would be. Believe it or not, Arenado has a lot of power in making this trade happen. If Arenado tells his general manager that the only trade he will approve is a trade to the Dodgers, the GM will have to negotiate with the Dodgers. The Dodgers will have leverage as they are aware that Arenado has that opt-out option after 2021.

The Rockies will probably try to make an even break with Arenado’s 199M in exchange for a series of rookies. But given that the Dodgers have upcoming negotiations with Seager after 2021, they will also try to dump some salary. Maybe they can move a combination of the bigger contracts: David Price, Jensen, AJ Pollock, Joe Kelly? It would be ideal for the Dodgers to shave off two of these guys along with 2 younger players that are still under control such as Rios, Gonslin or another rookie in the minors. The Rockies will try to have the Dodgers take on Arenado’s full salary in exchange for the rookies. Perhaps the Dodgers can manage taking the full contract without dumping salary on the Rockies. Dumping salary in the trade makes more sense. Perhaps the deal can see the Rockies receiving 3 of the youngsters and that’s it. The Dodgers would inherit the balance of his salary.  If the Rockies do not take any of our salary dump, we can send some of the big contract names to another team via trade. That is definitely another way for this deal to work. I had not thought about the 3 way mega deal option but Friedman seems to be good at these kinds of deals. This makes me think that here is another way of making this deal play out.

Another thing can happen: What if another major league GM has been reading the rumors and has put some ideas down on a storyboard to try to step in and intercept a deal to the Dodgers. One problem, there is an Arenado no-trade clause, so it is entirely up to him to veto a trade if it is not a team to his liking. Let us hope one of the Yankee players does not pick up the phone and call Arenado to paint a picture of him in pinstripes. This is the reason Mookie must make the call ASAP. It will help the deal go through if Mookie calls Arenado and if Arenado says to the GM “I will only go to the Dodgers”. What do you say Mookie? Will you make the call? Or should I make the call?

Published by Pete Reyes

Dodger Fan since Fernandomania. I am a baseball aficionado and a former baseball coach. I am father of 3 and I am very proud that our Dodgers finally won the World Series. Follow me for some fun Dodger News and Updates.

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