Tip Your Caps to Ned Colletti

Tribute to Ned Colletti

I had to write this piece to say thank you to Ned Colletti because as soon as the Dodgers won the World Series John Hartung from SportsnetLA mentioned to Ned as they drank a glass of wine that his “fingerprints were all over this World Series.” I immediately said, “Hell yeah they are.” The Sportsnet LA post celebration show featured Nomar, Hairston, Orel, John, and Ned. It was a fun show and I enjoyed a few drinks alongside with them from the comfort of my home. As I sat there drinking my final beer, I thought of all the players that came and went under his watch and also thought about all the players that were picked up by Ned that were currently on that roster. I was able to think about a few right away at the top of my head. The obvious ones were Kershaw, Turner, and Kenley. Then I started thinking about the other ones that could have arrived later but drafted or traded by him. I still have not figured out all of them but in addition to the 3 I mentioned, I have to also add Seager, Bellinger, Baez, Urias, and that is a big core of this World Series team. I chose to write this today because Andrew Friedman got the GM of the Year award today. This is not to disagree with him receiving the award. We are champs. How can any serious fan be mad at that? We will always love the guy for being the GM in charge when the Dodgers ended the famine. He deserves all the accolades that he has coming to him and I know he will strengthen this team and set us up as contenders for many years to come. This piece was written to give Ned Colletti his well deserved credit and not to bash by any means Andrew Friedman’s achievements. Andrew will be written about today, tomorrow and throughout the rest of this offseason by all sportswriters in every newspaper so what fun would it be to add to the clutter. Think about it: Kershaw, Turner, Kenley, Baez, Seager, Bellinger, Urias. These players were still remnants of Ned’s tenure that played a huge role in this World Series title and some of them will be a big part of the Dodgers’ success for many years to come. Others might not be here much longer but that is yet to be seen. It is easy to see that Cory, Bellinger, and Urias are players that will be a big part of the next decade. And Kershaw should be able to get an extension for 3 years following his 2021 season if both parties agree. Jansen will finish up his final season of his contract in 2021 unless he gets traded. Finally, Turner’s and Baez’s contracts expired at the end of the World Series. Do they resign? That is something we have to wait and see. It is almost certain that Urias, Seager, and Bellinger will be here for many years. We have seen what Bellinger and Seager can do when they get hot but what the Dodgers have not seen is what Urias can do if he was to be placed into the starting 5 man rotation for a full season. He has sort of jumped around in roles. He has been a starter and he has been in the pen. He has a career 3.20 ERA which is great for a 24 year old young pitcher. The way he pitched in the World Series you would have thought that he had been a Cy Young Award winner at some point in his past. Then when you open up the books, you realize that he only has a 12-7 record in his 3.5 years with 4 saves and with a 3.20 ERA. It’s amazing. He could have fooled anybody the way he dominated in game 7 of the NLCS and then again in game 6 of the World Series. These next contracts will have to be contracts that Andrew Friedman engineers and I think he will do what is right for the Dodgers. However, this piece was to tip my cap towards Ned to show gratitude for the groundwork that he left behind that helped the Dodgers ultimately get that elusive World Series Title.

Published by Pete Reyes

Dodger Fan since Fernandomania. I am a baseball aficionado and a former baseball coach. I am father of 3 and I am very proud that our Dodgers finally won the World Series. Follow me for some fun Dodger News and Updates.

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